Coffee for Skin Care

Coffee used for skin care.

Coffee is well known for its invigorating properties when we drink it. Additionally, when used in high-quality skincare products it can work wonders. One study using brewed coffee showed positively amazing results. When used topically on rats who had been given skin cancer, over 90% saw tumor growth stop. In over 60% of the tumors actually shrank! *

Your skin is your largest organ. Not only that, but it is also a digestive organ. When you put something on your skin, it immediately starts to be absorbed. For instance, recent studies have shown that the chemicals in many commercial sunscreens can reach your bloodstream in less than an hour. It only makes sense for you to treat your skin with products that your body can recognize as food. Coffee qualifies as one of these products. Why use a sunscreen that uses harmful chemicals and water as a base when you can use a sunscreen that uses 100% Kona coffee?

A good coffee-based scrub can exfoliate dead skin, revealing brighter, healthier skin. The invigorating effects of caffeine increase circulation and have a tightening effect. It’s great for reducing cellulite.

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