Coffee Apparel

Coffee Apparel, Tshirts, caps, mugs, and  more!

Eventually, I will design a FANTASTIC logo… Something that will be indelibly linked to Procaffeination in the cultural zeitgeist. I will have hats. I will have shirts. Maybe I will even have keychains. Imagine, all emblazoned with the Procaffeination logo that I will design or commission. Someday.

But that day is not today.

Until then, I kind of like the shirts and other logo items that are available from the fine folks at Look Human. They have over 70,000 products in many niches including funny t-shirts, cat coffee mugs, fitness tank tops, and hilarious baby gifts. Their t-shirts are seen on Supreme Court justices, celebrities, and a couch near you. Fair warning: Some of them use salty language!