Best Coffee

Best coffee, Kona and otherwise

Hawaii Coffees

Until recently, Hawaii and Puerto Rico were the only US locations growing coffee commercially (we won’t count my brother in Ohio who is growing a few trees I smuggled over for him). There are now over 30 farms growing coffee in southern California, as well. I haven’t tried them yet, but they are pricey: $75 – $95 for 5 oz! If I ever get a line on any, I will share it here!

Kona Coffee

Back when I had my farm in South Kona on The Big Island of Hawaii, I had my coffee processed and roasted at Koa Coffee. They had a great facility, a state of the art roaster, and took great care in every step. From pulping to roasting to packaging, every detail was handled with care and professionalism. Click on the banner below to try one of their exceptional coffees. You can really taste the Aloha!

100% Kona Coffee

Other Hawaii Coffee

There is no reason to just drink Kona. The Hawaii Coffee Company has coffee from the other islands, too. Click on the picture below to visit their website and sample some of the lesser-known coffees of the Pacific.

Hawaii Coffee Company

Coffee Clubs

I am partial to Kona coffee (Costa Rican will do in a pinch) but I like some variety, as well. If you want to try a selection of coffees on a rotating basis, why not try a membership in a monthly coffee club? You get to have good quality coffee every morning and there is never a chance for your palate to be bored. When you zero in on a coffee whose flavor most matches your palate, you can get that one more often and have it delivered directly to your door. No muss, no fuss. That’s a clear win!

Angels’ Cup

Here is what sets Angels’ Cup apart:

They Have an Exceptional Selection

You can try up to 208 different coffees this year alone! They have plans starting at only $10.99/month. Every coffee is excellent and one of them might just be your new favorite!

Blind Taste Testing

They send you your coffees without telling you what they are! The idea is to sample coffees without bias and decide for yourself which ones you like. Don’t worry though, a number on the bag will help you identify the coffee after you’ve tried it, so you can order more of your favorites.

Learn from Professionals

Their free app lets you record tasting notes and compare your answers with the roastmaster to help you develop a superhuman sense of taste. Will your tasting notes match? There’s only one way to find out!